BI portal for Sales chain

BI portal for Sales chain

BI portal for daily data analyzes of Sales, Stock and Purchase transaction data for Retail sales chain. It provides calculations and analyzing of following KPIs:

  • Sales: Net Turnover, Returns, Discount, Margin, No of Receipts, Packages sold,
  • Stock: Value, Rotation days, No of Packages, No of Articles, "Dead" stock, "Slow-moving" stock
  • Purchase: Purchase value, Rebate value, Invoiced value


08 February 2023




All images are for demonstration purpose only. You will get the demo images with the QuickStart pack.

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Opening Hours

  • Monday: 8.30am–6.30pm
  • Tuesday: 10.00am–8.00pm
  • Wednesday: 8.30am–6.30pm
  • Thursday: 8.30am–7.00pm
  • Friday: 8.30am–3.00pm
  • Saturday: 8.30am–2.00pm
  • Sunday: Closed