Jelena Popović-BujićGeneral manager

Founder and General Manager of One Way Consulting, Jelena Popović-Bujić possesses a longstanding professional experience, during which she has specialized in market research, strategic marketing, corporate identity and communication marketing. After graduating from the Department of Management on the undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, Jelena Popović-Bujić focused on her professional development in the areas of sales and marketing and successfully finished her post-graduate studies at the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK).

She has started her professional career in the Ovation BBDO agency, where she gained basic knowledge in advertising and other types of marketing promotions; she then extended her experience to other marketing areas through working for the companies Dunav TBI and ComTrade Group. From 2005 till 2009 she worked as the Regional Sales&Marketing Manager for Professional Printing Solutions of the company Spinnaker New Technologies (ComTrade Group). 

In 2009 Jelena Popović-Bujić founded One Way Consulting, a company that provides clients with consulting services in the areas of marketing, human resources and information technologies. In a very short time, OneWay managed to provide their services to a large number of reference clients such as L'Oréal Balkan, Intel, Acer, Asus, Philip Morris, Ringier, Toyota Center Belgrade, Toyota Serbia, Iceberg Salat Center, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard …



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